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DFO Downtime while waiting for avenger :3

MisterMeister, May 7, 12 1:52 PM.

  Messing around in westbound to combat boredom.  Enjoy this funny vid~
(Video brought to you by our Resident Pro FS sader; HighxPriest)

Shibusen Guild Master Doing Some Relic (~*o*)~

MisterMeister, Mar 8, 12 7:11 PM.
  Been a while since I've updated the site.  So..... Here is me messing around in Relic Kings lol.  If you need help with relic or need to know viable relic strategies, hit me up ^.^

(Video brought to you by our Resident Rouge & Pony expert, Sele)

Wooot! Level 14 guild!

MisterMeister, Jan 17, 12 11:59 PM.
ShibusenxClan is now one of the top guilds in DFO!! Couldn't of been done w/out our awesome guildies!  Thanks to every1 in Shibusenxclan and GRATZ!!  As soon as we get to level 16, ill stop bitching about TI & Dales runs lolololol.  Good job guys d-(*o*)z

New Udate: Act XIV 10/26/11

MisterMeister, Oct 26, 11 12:38 PM.
    New update is here & Bursting with tons of new content! BOUT TIME! Lv.65 eqps/emblems/new lv 65 ancient dungeons to be implemented!  Check out the link for more details!

DFO on XBOX!!!!???!!!

MisterMeister, Mar 25, 11 5:42 PM.

 Read this nice lil tid~bit about DFO porting to console exclusively on Xbox for a WORLD WIDE LAUNCH!!!!
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